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Travel Insurance – Why your “country of residence” is important

travel insurance country of residence

As an expat we read about “country of residence” in many contexts.  Country of residence can mean where we physically live, it can mean the country of tax residence (where we need to declare our global income), and in the case of travel insurance it can mean something else.

When holidaying as an expat, you may decide to take out travel insurance. On your travel insurance application form, you may be asked what is your country of residence.  The reason “country of residence” takes on additional meaning as an expat is that country of residence for many travel insurance products refers to the country you would like to be repatriated to in the event of a medical evacuation, and where you are generally entitled to long term health care (if required).

World Nomads travel insurance has the advantage that you can buy travel insurance if you are not in your country of “permanent residency”.

If you desire to be repatriated to Australia in the event of a medical emergency, then to qualify as an Australian resident for World Nomad’s travel insurance, you need to be a citizen of Australia or hold an Australian permanent residency visa and be eligible for the following :

  • unlimited and unconditional right to enter Australia
  • entitlement to access Medicare; and
  • maintain a permanent residential address in Australia.

You won’t be eligible for travel insurance cover if you:

  • intend to live overseas at a permanent residential address for more than two years;
  • will be 70 years old at the time you buy your policy or at the time you extend your trip and buy more cover;
  • intend to use travel insurance in place of private health insurance.

Every travel insurance policy has specific conditions or definitions around the topic of country of residence, so make sure you read the policy wording carefully to see whether you are eligible for cover, and whether you can be repatriated to a country that you are happy with.

Also, be aware that if you are travelling with friends from different countries of residence, then you will most likely need to buy separate policies to cover their country of residence, which may have different terms and conditions of cover.

You can use the form below to find a World Nomads travel insurance plan for your next holiday.


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