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Terms of Use

This Site is operated and owned by Joslin Enterprises Pty Ltd as trustee for Big Rock Trust and trading as The Australian Expat Investor (“Australian Expat Investor”). Your access to and use of the Site is subject to these Terms of Use. Use of the Site indicates your acceptance of these Terms of Use. We may update these Terms of Use from time to time, and your continued use of the Site constitutes acceptance by you of any updates. Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Site.

  • You must register your details with us to use this Site which will create an account.  This account will be your account for use of the Site (“your Account”).
  • We may charge you a fee to register your account.
  • You must not use false or misleading information in registering or using the Site and you must update your details should they have changed from the last time you used the Site.  We are not responsible for any loss or damage (including misdirected deliveries or notifications) which may occur because you have not provided us with up to date, accurate or complete information.
  • You must choose a username and password when registering your Account.  You are responsible for the security of your username and password and we will assume that anyone using your Account is authorised by you.  Under no circumstances will unauthorised access and use of your Account reduce your liability in connection with the Site.  This includes your obligation to purchase Site which may result from use of your username and password.
  • You must notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorised use of your Account or other security breach which we may consider relevant.
  • You permit us to send you notifications by email of the status of any delivery, a copy of your invoice and any other marketing or promotional events and offers.  We will refrain from sending you marketing related materials, including special offers, if you tell us you do not wish to receive these communications when you complete your registration online.  We may additionally request that you participate in customer feedback from time to time so that we can improve the Site to you.
  • We accept no liability for any loss or damage incurred if you do not receive any notifications by us to you, for whatever reason.
  • You may request that your account be closed by emailing us. Your account will be closed if you have paid everything you owe to us in cleared funds and all transactions have been completed.