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5 investment strategies for Australian expats to save for retirement

By Craig / April 12, 2017

Without the safety net of compulsory superannuation contributions by their employer, many Aussie expats struggle with determining what is the best way to save for retirement while living overseas.  Here are five ideas for Australian expats to save for retirement, and one to avoid.


The Risks of Investing For Retirement – What John Oliver Has To Say

By Craig / June 13, 2016

Retirement planning for many Australian Expats is difficult enough without everyone wanting to take their fee to manage your money including your financial advisor and fund manager, let alone ensuring you are putting your money where it will get the best return. This is a great video that explains the risks of investing for retirement.


How The Performance Of Your Super Fund Can Be Boosted

By Craig / February 29, 2016

Not many of us pay much attention to our superannuation, but did you know just improving the performance of your super fund by 1.0% per annum could increase your superannuation balance by more than 20% over twenty years? And there are some easy ways for all of us to ensure that while we are living […]


Why Australian Expats Should Consider Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)

By Craig / October 13, 2015

When Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) first started being marketed a number of years ago I was initially apprehensive about investing in them, as one of the main investing rules I live by is to only invest in something I understand.  But after reading a number of articles a few years ago and doing some independent research, […]


The truth about managed funds and index funds

By Craig / October 13, 2015

Many friends and clients tell me they want to start investing in the sharemarket, but have no idea where to start.  BHP shares are looking cheap, shall I start by buying some of them?  My financial adviser recommended I put some money in an AMP managed fund – what do you think?  My stockbroker said […]