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5 reasons you should be investing overseas

By Craig / December 12, 2017

Investing overseas can seem like a big step financially, especially if you’re looking at markets in which you have no experience. While investing overseas does come with a different set of economic, legal and political risks, there are also a range of benefits such as wider market exposure.


5 investment strategies for Australian expats to save for retirement

By Craig / April 12, 2017

Without the safety net of compulsory superannuation contributions by their employer, many Aussie expats struggle with determining what is the best way to save for retirement while living overseas.  Here are five ideas for Australian expats to save for retirement, and one to avoid.


The Double Taxation Agreement – How Australian Expats Can Benefit

By Craig / March 13, 2017

A double taxation agreement (also know as a tax treaty or DTA) is an agreement between two countries that seeks to avoid or mitigate the double taxation of personal and business income.  Australia has signed a double taxation agreement with more than 40 countries, so what does it all mean for Australian expats.


Risks in buying overseas property

By Craig / March 8, 2017

Whilst there are many benefits of investing in overseas property, before rushing in and signing a contract, step back and consider the risks.  Here, we endeavour to articulate some of the key risks you should consider before buying overseas property.


Should I Buy or Rent a Property While Living Overseas?

By Craig / March 25, 2015

Are you thinking about buying a house in your host country while on an expat assignment?  Have you arrived in a new country and been shocked at the cost of renting a house, or found that the quality of the rental accommodation is not up to the standard you were expecting?  Maybe you’ve been living […]