where are gay relationships illegal

In What Countries are Gay Relationships Illegal?

Australians are travelling more than ever before, but it’s always important to keep in mind the fact that legal systems and cultures vary all over the world, especially when it comes to sexuality. While Aussies generally have a relatively…
gay marriage around the world

Which countries allow gay marriage?

In the lead up to Australia's Marriage Law Postal Survey and the debate about gay marriage, we thought it would be interesting to understanding what countries allow gay marriage. Which Countries Allow Gay Marriage? World politics are changing…
Australians living overseas voting in Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey

How Australians overseas can vote in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey

As previously announced by the Australian Government, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will collect statistical information from all Australians (including Australians living overseas) on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll, as to their views…
same sex marriage plebiscite Australians living overseas gay

Voting in the Australian same sex marriage plebiscite whilst living overseas

With the Australian Senate voting down legislation again for a same sex marriage plebiscite, the Australian government has announced it plans to undertake an Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey to determine the views of the Australian public…