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How to Take Memorable Photos From Your Smartphone When on Vacation

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Taking professional photos is a reserve for cameras and professionals; however, you can take really memorable photos from your smartphone.

Currently, you can get really awesome smartphones, such as iPhone, Galaxy S series, Nexus series, Note series and others, that have taken photography to a whole new level. The iPhone and Galaxy technologies have been on an upward trajectory. They offer a lot to your vacation photo-taking experience.

First, taking your photos is good because there is what you want to capture and how you want it captured. It is also not always that you find a professional photographer on vacation. So, you just have to take matters into your hands. However, don’t be gloomy about it. You can take memorable pictures using these four tips.

1. Prepare and practice

What makes world-renowned photographers is their professional courtesy to their trade. One of these professional courtesies is knowing their cameras. If you know your camera’s strength, you will not try to do something it cannot do. In preparation, clean up your lenses and take some practice shots in advance. Try different angles, different lighting, until you get a perfect shot. If you need to add an editing app to supplement your smartphone camera, do so in advance and practice it too.

2. Use landscape style and get the right angle.

Some moments ought to be captured vertically while others do well when captured horizontally. Most smartphones have a longer horizontal distance than vertical distance. If you want to capture as many details as possible, then use landscape. First, it is easier to use the composition rules using landscape. Second, you can always take two pictures for every situation using opposite sides of the grids such that you capture details on the right and on the left side of the object. Thirdly, you can hold your phone using both hands, which prevents shaking and noise.

3. Use natural light

If possible, try to take all your pictures using natural light. Natural light is rich and helps you capture almost everything that you want to capture with all the details. Notice that, even with the brightest unnatural light, it is impossible to get the same quality in terms of details and possibilities. With natural light, your composition can include people and giant objects such as the Eiffel tower or Coliseum in one photo, all with clarity.

4. Don’t use digital zoom

Zoom is not for taking pictures; it is a way to show the details in an already taken photograph close up. So, don’t use it to take pictures. It reduces the quality and a number of details in the photograph. If you need a close-up look, get closer or focus on the object. The trick is to take as many pictures as possible. The more there are, the more the chances of getting one epic photo.

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