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Capital Gains Tax on Main Residence For Australian Expats – Aussie Expats to Be Hit!

main residence CGT tax exemption australian expats

We reported in May, that as a result of the 2017 Australian federal budget, there would be some pending changes to capital gains tax on the main residence for foreign residents and Australian expats (Australians living abroad). At the time, it wasn’t quite clear from the budget papers exactly how it would work, and who […]

tax implications 2017 budget Australian property investors

2017 Federal Budget Implications for Australian Property Investors

A couple of weeks ago, the Australian federal government handed down its 2017 budget, and there were a number of implications for Australian property investors and Australian expats.  In this article, we review the budget implications for Australian…
2017 Australian federal budget - implications for Australian expats

2017 Australian Federal Budget - Implications For Aussie Expats

The 2017 Australian Federal Budget has been released, so we've scanned the documents and summarised some of the key implications for Australian expats.  In short, there are a number of negatives for Australians living abroad. Investment…

Update on HECS Debt Repayment Obligations For Australians Living Overseas

Rules on HECS debt repayment obligations for Australians living overseas are changing. Time is running out for Australians living overseas who have a HECS debt to notify the Australian Government of their new contact details and start reporting…
double tax agreement foreign income tax offset

Foreign Income Tax Offset - Make sure you are not paying tax twice

A Foreign Income Tax Offset reduces the impact of double taxation by providing you a credit on foreign tax paid when declaring your income in Australia.  Are you able to benefit from a Foreign Income Tax Offset? How does a Foreign Income…
foreign income tax offset

The Double Taxation Agreement - How Australian Expats Can Benefit

A double taxation agreement (also know as a tax treaty or DTA) is an agreement between two countries that seeks to avoid or mitigate the double taxation of personal and business income.  Australia has signed a double taxation agreement with…
Australian tax treaties - what countries does Australia have tax treaties with.

Australian Tax Treaties - What countries does Australia have tax treaties with?

What countries does Australia have tax treaties with?  There are more than 40 Australian tax treaties which aim to ensure Australian expats do not pay tax twice on their income. Australia has entered into more than 40 tax treaties with…
tax issues for australians in the netherlands

Tax Issues Australians in The Netherlands Should Know

Aussies certainly don't move to Europe for the low tax environment.  If you are moving to The Netherlands from Australia or are an Australian in the Netherlands, here is an overview of the tax issues you should know. 1. The 30% Rule Australians…
Australian tax implications of renting out your primary residence
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Australian tax implications when renting out your primary residence

The tax implications when renting out your primary residence are generally good for Australians moving overseas.  Find out how renting out your primary residence when moving abroad impacts you. 1. Capital Gains Tax Most people are aware that…
rental property depreciation
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Rental Property Depreciation - Are You Maximising Your Tax Deductions?

Are you maximising your tax deductions in Australia by claiming rental property depreciation on your investment properties?  Thousands of Australians are missing out on legitimate tax deductions because they are unaware of their entitlement…
Do you need to complete an Australian Tax Return While Living Overseas

Do You Need to Complete an Australian Tax Return While Living Overseas?

Do you need to complete an Australian tax return while living overseas?  Many people I meet are confused by the requirements.  It comes back to an all important question which I addressed in an earlier article Am I An Australian Resident…
automatic exchange of financial information

Automatic Exchange of Financial Information

Automatic Exchange of Financial Information is the answer of international tax authorities to global tax evasion and is intended to facilitate international cooperation and sharing of financial information between international tax authorities…
tax residency Engineer not an australian resident for tax purposes

Australian Expat Stories : ATO Challenges Tax Residency of Returning Aussie Expat

We continue our series on real life stories of Australian Expats. In this story, Bruce Wayne (name changed to protect the innocent), discusses his experiences with the Australian Tax Office after returning to Australia from an overseas assignment.…

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