voting in australian elections while living overseas
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Voting in Australian Elections While Living Overseas

2017 is likely to see a number of State elections in Australia.  The next WA election is set for 11 March 2017, and enrolment closes on 9 February 2017.  It is also expected that the Queensland government will also be calling an election soon.…
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Typical Components Of An Expat Salary Package

We've all heard stories of expats working overseas for a few years on massive salaries and then retiring a few years later in an exotic location.  Unfortunately, the reality is that it is not that common.  In this article, we explore the typical…
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4 Important Things to Do When Relocating Abroad

Relocating abroad from Australia is a busy time and its easy to forget some of the more important things.  Here are 5 important things you should not forget when moving overseas. 1. Determine Your Tax Residency When relocating abroad,…
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4 Financial Surprises For Australians Living Abroad

Living abroad is an exciting time, but there are many financial surprises that have the potential to cost you thousands of dollars. If you are an Australian living abroad, or if you are planning on living abroad, then these are four financial…
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5 Articles You Should Read If You Are Moving Overseas From Australia

If you are planning on moving overseas from Australia, or have recently moved overseas from Australia, then you should read these 5 articles now. Am I An Australian Resident For Tax Purposes? Why I Don't Use My Bank For International…
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5 ideas to ease the administrative burden for Australians working abroad

Many Australians working abroad find that being an expat can be an administrative nightmare.  If you are an Australian working abroad, here are 5 ideas to ease the administrative burden during your overseas posting that will also save you…

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