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Australians moving to dubai

Quick Facts For Australians Moving To Dubai, UAE

In this article, we’ll give you advice on the main things you need to know for Australians moving to Dubai UAE, and some insider tips on making the most of your time. Dubai is a place unlike any other on earth. It is a combination…
living in fiji Australians moving to Fiji

6 things to consider before moving to Fiji

Have you dreamed of living the expat lifestyle on a Pacific Island?  Sipping sunset cocktails overlooking the beach every night.  Somer, an Aussie expat living in Fiji, shares some of her experiences and things to consider before you decide…
living in Singapore

Living in Singapore : Is it the best place for expats?

Singapore is renowned for its status as an economic powerhouse, a multi-cultural melting pot and a clean, safe environment. Given these traits, it’s no wonder that living in Singapore is a favourite amongst expats. Living in Singapore:…
tips for expats renting an apartment in dubai

Tips for renting an apartment in Dubai for expats

Dubai offers some amazing options on where to live.  Most of them will be expensive and will come with a one year lease.  So before renting an apartment in Dubai make sure you read this. This article is written by Emma Bennett.  Emma…
dubai summer heat

Surviving the Dubai summer heat as an Aussie Expat

Dubai Summer heat– “what’s it really like?” is a question I get a lot.  The Dubai summer heat is infamous around the world. But is it so hot?  And how is it possible to survive the Dubai summer heat?  Aussie expat in Dubai, Emma…
uk healthcare system what expats should know

What Expats Should Know about the UK Healthcare System

The UK Healthcare system (or the NHS - National Health Service) is one of Britain's most famous and cherished institutions.  However, what rights do expats have to use it? One of the most amazing things about becoming an expat in the…

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