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retiring in Bali

How some Australians are retiring in Bali

Make your retirement savings go further and consider retiring in Bali. Check out how these Australians are doing it. I am sure you, like me and many other Australians, have said at some point how great it would be to be retiring in Bali.…
dutch healthcare system

The Dutch Healthcare System - What Expats Should Know

The Dutch healthcare system is supposedly one of the best healthcare systems in Europe.  We explore what expats need to understand about the dutch healthcare system, mandatory health insurance, and the reciprocal health agreement with Australia. Australians…
australians in the netherlands moving from australia to the netherlands

Quick Facts For Australians In The Netherlands

Get your head around the key issues for Australians in the Netherlands. There are many reasons Australians in The Netherlands enjoy their time their.  The Netherlands is one of the major destinations for Australians living abroad.…
dubai healthcare system

What Expats Should Know About the Dubai Healthcare System

The key facts every expat planning to move to Dubai should know about the Dubai healthcare system. Whilst many would assume that being in the Middle East means that access to quality healthcare would be difficult, the reality is that…
australians moving to the UK

Theresa May to make it more difficult for Aussies planning to move to the UK

In launching the UK conservative party's new election manifesto, British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced new policies that will make it more difficult for Australians to find work and move to the UK, and it will now cost Australians…
getting a green card to the USA

Getting a Green Card to the USA

Everyone knows that a green card is a ticket to life in the United States without the hassle of having to go through a visa renewal or re-application process every couple of years. That’s why green cards are so popular and notoriously difficult…

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