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living in the UK

Living in the UK : How the UK rates as an expat destination

Living in the UK has a lot to offer expats, especially professionals. Let’s have a look at what expats report about living in the UK, including the benefits as well as the drawbacks. Great Britain and Australia have a long history of…
teaching english in China

Teaching English in China - When the Middle Kingdom Beckons

How one Australian, looking for a change, moved overseas and started teaching english in China. This article is written by John.  John left Australia in 2011 spending 3 months in Thailand, 5 years in China, 1 year in Portugal, and now…
moving to latin america

10 Surprising things you should be aware of when moving to Latin America

Latin America is an astoundingly diverse, beautiful and dynamic region. It is packed full of stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures. It can be a wonderful area to base yourself in, but it is important to be aware that when moving to Latin…

Latest Expat Tips

What should you do as an Australian arrested overseas

What should you do as an Australian arrested overseas?

Its better to familiarise yourself with the local laws and obey them, but what should you do as an Australian arrested overseas?  We find out. As an Australian, you probably have certain expectations and ideas about which behaviors are…
save money when moving abroad from Australia

Tips to save money when moving abroad

Tips to save money when moving abroad   You’ve made the decision to move abroad, now comes the planning and preparation. For the smart traveler, getting things right in advance is the key to success. Make sure that your research is…
volunteer work overseas

Benefits of Doing Volunteer Work Overseas

Doing volunteer work overseas has a huge range of benefits, whether you are looking for a short jaunt a couple of months long, or a longer-term commitment. It may seem like a paradox, but donating your time to help others can actually…

Latest Healthcare Articles

what airline foods are best to eat

What are the best foods to eat when travelling on a plane?

“What’s the deal with airline food?” The question may be a comedy cliché, but it struck a chord in the ‘90s when people did indeed begin to note how bad food seemed when flying. Airlines have made real efforts to increase the appeal…
deep vein thrombosis long plane journeys
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How to protect yourself from Deep Vein Thrombosis on long plane journeys?

You may hear the term ‘deep vein thrombosis’ when flying and your airline may even recommend certain in-flight exercises to prevent it from happening to you on long plane journeys. But do you even know what deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is,…
expats live to work

Should expats work to live or live to work?

Striking an effective work-life balance is always a challenge, but living abroad can further complicate matters and make it tricky to choose the right lifestyle for you. Should Expats Work to Live or Live to Work? Whether expats should…

Latest Retiring Abroad

moving abroad

retiring in Bali

How some Australians are retiring in Bali

Make your retirement savings go further and consider retiring in Bali. Check out how these Australians are doing it. I am sure you, like me and many other Australians, have said at some point how great it would be to be retiring in Bali.…
retire abroad

What to consider if you plan to retire abroad from Australia

No matter whether its the cost of living, the lifestyle, or just to be close to family - if you are thinking that you will retire abroad from Australia then here are some things you should consider before moving overseas. 1. Tax Implications Moving…
retiring overseas retire early
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Retiring Overseas : How to stretch your retirement savings without compromising your lifestyle

Many Australians are now attracted to the thought of retiring overseas as a way to make their retirement savings go further.  Martin is one such person considering the move.  He shares his thoughts as well as explaining how retiring overseas…

Latest on Moving Back to Australia

buy a home in Australia

9 reasons why you will want to buy a home in Australia before moving back

After living in Europe for over four years, we recently returned to live in Australia.  As our old home was never going to accommodate our enlarged family, our intention was always to rent initially whilst looking for a home to purchase.  It…
main residence CGT tax exemption australian expats
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Capital Gains Tax on Main Residence For Australian Expats - Aussie Expats to Be Hit!

We reported in May, that as a result of the 2017 Australian federal budget, there would be some pending changes to capital gains tax on the main residence for foreign residents and Australian expats (Australians living abroad). At the time,…
moving house checklist when moving overseas

Moving House Checklist - When Moving Overseas

Moving overseas or even moving house can be a stressful time for any family.  Getting started early with the process will make things less overwhelming.  To help, we have created this moving house checklist for use when moving overseas. Moving…