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MAP Home Loans

Buying a property in Australia as an Australian citizen living overseas (‘Australian Expat’) is never easy. But securing your home loan has never been easier than it is now, thanks to MAP Home Loans. Our experienced mortgage brokers specialise in securing home loans for Australian citizens living and working abroad.

The team at MAP Home Loans are specialists in the provision of home loans for Australian expats, and have the knowledge, connections and experience to make your overseas home buying process easier.

Why use a Specialist Non-Resident Mortgage Broker?

Bank policy on home loans for non residents is a minefield with competing lenders applying vastly different credit policies and home lending criteria. This difference in lending criteria can result in one bank approving the home loan while others will decline the application, reduce the loan amount or require a larger deposit from the borrower.

For example, some lenders will:

  • Only lend to expats currently residing in a country that has an Australian Consulate,
  • Only lend to Australian citizens abroad that are earning a particular currency,
  • Not lend to non-residents at all,
  • Apply Australian taxation to expat income for servicing purposes and discount for currency fluctuations.

This is where MAP Mortgage Brokers can help. MAP understands the complex non-resident lending policies and requirements for all the Australian banks and non bank lenders to ensure that your home loan is approved the first time and at the best available interest rate.

Don’t risk a decline (or another decline) on your credit file. We do not charge you for our services so complete the inquiry form below, and we will organise a time convenient for you to discuss your requirements.

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