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GM Expat Tax

GM Expat Tax is a firm of accountants specialising in assisting Australian expats living and working around the world (including in Dubai, Singapore, UK, and Hong Kong with (amongst other things) their UK and Australian tax returns.

With a team of qualified professionals that are experienced in UK and Australian tax with fixed fees that are agreed up front whenever possible GM Expat Tax is the preferred tax solution for Australian expats.

Living and working overseas as an Aussie expat often doesn’t mean you can forget about Australian tax – even if you are a non-resident. If you have a recurring source of income in Australia– such as income from a rental property in Australia or an investment portfolio in Australia or have a HECS debt  – you will need to lodge an Australian tax return each year.

And with the non-resident rate of tax payable on Australian source income now 32.5% on the first $ of income there is likely to be a need to take specialist tax advice if you are living outside Australia and have investment income with an Australian source.

GM Expat Tax offers the following services to individuals who are moving to/living in expat locations:

    • Tax planning advice for those departing or returning to Australia, including advice on your tax residency position
    • Preparation of Australian Tax returns (including advice on tax deductions to reduce your tax liability), with all tax returns submitted to the Australian Taxation Office electronically
    • An extended lodgement deadline for your Australian tax returns, as we are registered tax agents in Australia
    • Preparation of UK Tax returns (including advice on tax deductions to reduce your tax liability), with all tax returns submitted to HMRC electronically
    • Preparation of financial statements for individuals who are operating a businesses..
    • Assistance to ensure income is properly taxed and not taxed twice. This includes liaising with your local tax accountant and local financial planner as needs arise
    • Meetings to discuss issues arising, either in person or via a video discussion on Skype
    • Advice on business structure and business registration to overseas companies that want to set up in Australia or the UK

    GM Expat Tax has a policy of providing a no obligation fixed fee quote to all who are interested in engaging our services.

    If you are an expat with Australian sourced income and would like a no obligation fee proposal from a firm of tax advisors that understands the issues affecting Australian expats, please complete the inquiry form below.

    We’ll be delighted to have a free initial discussion with you to see how we may be of assistance to you.

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