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Things expats in Dubai should know for a happy and trouble free time

expats in dubai expat in dubai

Dubai is a great place to live. It’s easy, it’s convenient and you have a lot of freedom with how you choose to live. In fact, its such an easy place to live that you can easily forget that it is ruled in a completely different way to somewhere like Australia. 99% of the time, […]

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dubai healthcare system

What Expats Should Know About the Dubai Healthcare System

The key facts every expat planning to move to Dubai should know about the Dubai healthcare system. Whilst many would assume that being in the Middle East means that access to quality healthcare would be difficult, the reality is that…
Australians moving to dubai

Quick Facts For Australians Moving To Dubai, UAE

In this article, we’ll give you advice on the main things you need to know for Australians moving to Dubai UAE, and some insider tips on making the most of your time. Dubai is a place unlike any other on earth. It is a combination…
tips for expats renting an apartment in dubai

Tips for renting an apartment in Dubai for expats

Dubai offers some amazing options on where to live.  Most of them will be expensive and will come with a one year lease.  So before renting an apartment in Dubai make sure you read this. This article is written by Emma Bennett.  Emma…
dubai summer heat

Surviving the Dubai summer heat as an Aussie Expat

Dubai Summer heat– “what’s it really like?” is a question I get a lot.  The Dubai summer heat is infamous around the world. But is it so hot?  And how is it possible to survive the Dubai summer heat?  Aussie expat in Dubai, Emma…
Aussie expat in Dubai, Australian living in Dubai

6 reasons it is good to be an Australian living in Dubai

Are you considering taking on an expat role in Dubai?  Want to understand a bit more about what life is like as an expat living in Dubai?  Emma Bennet (an Australian living in Dubai) shares the reasons she recommends you make the move. This…
convert dirhams to austraiian dollars

What is the best option to convert Dirham to Australian dollars?

UAE residents, are you wanting to get the best exchange rate when you convert dirham to Australian dollars?  In this article we review a number of options to identify how you can ensure you get the maximum amount of Australian dollars when…

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