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Teaching English in China – When the Middle Kingdom Beckons

teaching english in China

How one Australian, looking for a change, moved overseas and started teaching english in China.

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retiring in Bali

How some Australians are retiring in Bali

Make your retirement savings go further and consider retiring in Bali. Check out how these Australians are doing it. I am sure you, like me and many other Australians, have said at some point how great it would be to be retiring in Bali.…
living in fiji Australians moving to Fiji

6 things to consider before moving to Fiji

Have you dreamed of living the expat lifestyle on a Pacific Island?  Sipping sunset cocktails overlooking the beach every night.  Somer, an Aussie expat living in Fiji, shares some of her experiences and things to consider before you decide…
living in Singapore

Living in Singapore : Is it the best place for expats?

Singapore is renowned for its status as an economic powerhouse, a multi-cultural melting pot and a clean, safe environment. Given these traits, it’s no wonder that living in Singapore is a favourite amongst expats. Living in Singapore:…
Aussie expats in China, living in China, Aussies in China

Expats in China : 10 things you should know about living in China

Like any country, living in China has its mix of highs and lows for the new expat.  Having the opportunity to be an expat in China is a very unique experience, and so Mark has put together ten things expats in China should know. This…

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