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10 Surprising things you should be aware of when moving to Latin America

moving to latin america

Latin America is an astoundingly diverse, beautiful and dynamic region. It is packed full of stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures. It can be a wonderful area to base yourself in, but it is important to be aware that when moving to Latin America it is very different from Australia in a number of ways.

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why you should study overseas
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Why you should study overseas

A period of academic exchange or study overseas can be an incredible way to enrich your Australian studies. Studying in a different country is a very immersive experience and is likely to contribute significantly to your professional and personal…
getting a green card to the USA

Getting a Green Card to the USA

Everyone knows that a green card is a ticket to life in the United States without the hassle of having to go through a visa renewal or re-application process every couple of years. That’s why green cards are so popular and notoriously difficult…
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Insider Tips for Australians in America

When you finally take the plunge and start a new part of your life in the US, there are so many things for Australians in America to consider that it’s sometimes hard to take it all in. Apart from settling into a new living situation you’re…

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