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Get the inside scoop in living in different locations around the world from people who have experienced it. Things to know, tips on renting, finding a job, the local health system and more…

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australians moving to the UK

Theresa May to make it more difficult for Aussies planning to move to the UK

In launching the UK conservative party's new election manifesto, British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced new policies that will make it more difficult for Australians to find work and move to the UK, and it will now cost Australians…
uk healthcare system what expats should know

What Expats Should Know about the UK Healthcare System

The UK Healthcare system (or the NHS - National Health Service) is one of Britain's most famous and cherished institutions.  However, what rights do expats have to use it? One of the most amazing things about becoming an expat in the…
moving to london

Quick Facts for Australians Moving to London

London is one of the most dynamic and fast-paced cities on the planet. But what it makes it such a unique place is that despite being a cultural, business and artistic hub, it is also a great place for setting up home and raising kids. It offers…

Rest of Europe

dutch healthcare system

The Dutch Healthcare System - What Expats Should Know

The Dutch healthcare system is supposedly one of the best healthcare systems in Europe.  We explore what expats need to understand about the dutch healthcare system, mandatory health insurance, and the reciprocal health agreement with Australia. Australians…
australians in the netherlands moving from australia to the netherlands

Quick Facts For Australians In The Netherlands

Get your head around the key issues for Australians in the Netherlands. There are many reasons Australians in The Netherlands enjoy their time their.  The Netherlands is one of the major destinations for Australians living abroad.…
surviving your first European winter
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Surviving Your First European Winter

The prospect of your first European winter should rightly be filling you with not only excitement but also a tingle of fear for what lies ahead in some of the world's chilliest places. Coming from an environment of balmy days and cool, yet…

Dubai & The Middle East

dubai healthcare system

What Expats Should Know About the Dubai Healthcare System

The key facts every expat planning to move to Dubai should know about the Dubai healthcare system. Whilst many would assume that being in the Middle East means that access to quality healthcare would be difficult, the reality is that…
Australians moving to dubai

Quick Facts For Australians Moving To Dubai, UAE

In this article, we’ll give you advice on the main things you need to know for Australians moving to Dubai UAE, and some insider tips on making the most of your time. Dubai is a place unlike any other on earth. It is a combination…
tips for expats renting an apartment in dubai

Tips for renting an apartment in Dubai for expats

Dubai offers some amazing options on where to live.  Most of them will be expensive and will come with a one year lease.  So before renting an apartment in Dubai make sure you read this. This article is written by Emma Bennett.  Emma…

moving abroad

Asia & Oceania

retiring in Bali

How some Australians are retiring in Bali

Make your retirement savings go further and consider retiring in Bali. Check out how these Australians are doing it. I am sure you, like me and many other Australians, have said at some point how great it would be to be retiring in Bali.…
living in fiji Australians moving to Fiji

6 things to consider before moving to Fiji

Have you dreamed of living the expat lifestyle on a Pacific Island?  Sipping sunset cocktails overlooking the beach every night.  Somer, an Aussie expat living in Fiji, shares some of her experiences and things to consider before you decide…
living in Singapore

Living in Singapore : Is it the best place for expats?

Singapore is renowned for its status as an economic powerhouse, a multi-cultural melting pot and a clean, safe environment. Given these traits, it’s no wonder that living in Singapore is a favourite amongst expats. Living in Singapore:…


getting a green card to the USA

Getting a Green Card to the USA

Everyone knows that a green card is a ticket to life in the United States without the hassle of having to go through a visa renewal or re-application process every couple of years. That’s why green cards are so popular and notoriously difficult…
Australians in America, living abroad

Insider Tips for Australians in America

When you finally take the plunge and start a new part of your life in the US, there are so many things for Australians in America to consider that it’s sometimes hard to take it all in. Apart from settling into a new living situation you’re…

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