Australian tax implications for Australians living overseas

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What Australian Expats Need to Do If You Have a HELP Debt or TSL Debt

We recently reported on changes to HELP Debt repayment obligations of Australian Expats passed by the Australian Parliament in early November 2015. Find below details on what the new obligations for Australian Expats are with respect to…
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Australian Greens Oppose Changes to Student Debt (HELP Debt) Repayment Obligations For Australian Expats

For those that are interested, I just came across this speech from an Australian Greens Senator talking about the Greens position on HELP debt or HECS debt repayments.  
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Australian Government Closes Loophole on HELP debt (student loan) repayments for Australian Expats

Australians who move abroad after graduating from university are now obliged to continue making repayments of their student loans (HELP debt) under new rules passed by the Australian Senate today.   In my previous article Australian Government…
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More Things You Can Do To Show You Really Are A Non-Resident For Australian Tax Purposes

Following on from my article 10 Things You Can Do To Show You Really Are A Non-Resident For Australian Tax Purposes, find below some more ideas to support your position of non-residency.  To become a non-resident for Australian tax purposes…
non-resident for Australian tax purposes

10 Things You Can Do To Show You Really Are A Non-Resident For Australian Tax Purposes

Many Australian Expats, who move to low taxing countries, want to ensure they become non-residents of Australia for tax purposes to ensure they capture the benefits of the lower tax regime in their country of residence.  Unfortunately, it…
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Expat Engineer Deemed Not an Australian Resident For Tax Purposes

The most important question you need to ask yourself as an Australian Expat is - Am I an Australian Resident For Tax Purposes?  In this article I discuss an example provided by the ATO regarding an engineer on assignment in the Philippines…
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Medicare Implications For Australian Expats

Medicare Implications for Australian Expats is the first in a series of three articles to help you understand what you need to know about not only the medicare implications for Australian Expats, but also the health insurance implications for…
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Australian Government Removes Tax Loophole For Australian Expats

The Australian Government has announced they are closing a tax loophole available to Australians living overseas with a student debt or a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) debt. Currently if you live overseas (and are a non-resident…