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Rental Property Depreciation – Are You Maximising Your Tax Deductions?

By Craig / August 23, 2016

Are you maximising your tax deductions in Australia by claiming rental property depreciation on your investment properties?  Thousands of Australians are missing out on legitimate tax deductions because they are unaware of their entitlement to rental property depreciation.


Do You Need to Complete an Australian Tax Return While Living Overseas?

By Craig / July 3, 2016

Do you need to complete an Australian tax return while living overseas?  Many people I meet are confused by the requirements.  It comes back to an all important question which I addressed in an earlier article Am I An Australian Resident For Tax Purposes?  However, even if you are not an Australian resident for tax purposes, […]


Automatic Exchange of Financial Information

By Craig / June 9, 2016

Automatic Exchange of Financial Information is the answer of international tax authorities to global tax evasion and is intended to facilitate international cooperation and sharing of financial information between international tax authorities to ensure compliance with each country’s local tax laws.  


Australian Expat Stories : ATO Challenges Tax Residency of Returning Aussie Expat

By Craig / June 9, 2016

We continue our series on real life stories of Australian Expats. In this story, Bruce Wayne (name changed to protect the innocent), discusses his experiences with the Australian Tax Office after returning to Australia from an overseas assignment. The ATO’s challenge to his tax residency was set to cost him $200k. This story is a […]


What Tax Information Exchange Agreements Mean For You

By Craig / June 7, 2016

In an effort to break through secrecy barriers of Offshore Tax Havens, and reduce international tax avoidance and tax evasion practices, governments around the world have incorporated tax information exchange agreements as part of tax treaties and other agreements with each other, including with Offshore Tax Havens.  How do they work and which countries has […]


Guide to Offshore Tax Havens For Australians Living Abroad

By Craig / June 6, 2016

Offshore tax havens often conjure up images of a tropical island with beautiful palm tree lined beaches with an easy going attitude to taxation.  But these days, there are places all over the world where one can stash their cash without much government scrutiny.  Offshore tax havens are not just places with low taxes, but what […]


Am I An Australian Resident For Tax Purposes?

By Craig / June 1, 2016

The most important question you need to ask yourself when you prepare to move overseas and become an Australian Expat is Am I an Australian resident for tax purposes or not?  The answer will have some fundamental implications for your income tax obligations, but also on your investments.


How does Labor’s negative gearing policy impact Australian Expats?

By Craig / April 4, 2016

Labor’s negative gearing policy was announced in February 2016.  Whilst there has been much debate about the merits of negative gearing and whether negative gearing should be abolished, Labor’s decision to make substantial changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax discount has been controversial. But how does it impact Australian Expats?  Lets find out…


How does negative gearing work for Australian Expats?

By Craig / March 10, 2016

We constantly hear the term negative gearing being thrown around in Australian politics.  The Labor party have said they plan to make changes to negative gearing if they return to government, and after a period of uncertainty, the Liberal and National parties have expressed their ongoing support for retaining current negative gearing arrangements. But how […]


The Self Managed Super Fund Nightmare For Australian Expats

By Craig / January 19, 2016

So you followed all the advice about putting money away for your retirement.  You consulted your accountant and decided to setup a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).  Then you moved overseas for a few years.  Make sure you take good advice.  If your SMSF becomes non-complying it could be a costly mistake.

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