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The benefits of appointing an enduring power of attorney before moving overseas

By Sponsor / February 20, 2017

An enduring power of attorney can be a very useful document for Australian expats to put in place either before they leave Australia or while overseas.  An enduring power of attorney is not only designed to enable someone else to manage your personal affairs when you become incapable of doing so, it is also useful […]


Survival Language: 5 ways to fit in a like a local

By Australian Expat Investor Contributor / February 12, 2017

Unless you’re moving to a country within the Anglosphere, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have to try and communicate in a foreign language. The odds are that you may have had an opportunity to learn a language at school, but does that mean you should only consider moving to a country where […]


Checklist for an overseas relocation package

By Craig / January 31, 2017

If you are being transferred overseas with your current employer or have been recruited by an overseas company, you might expect a relocation package to be included with the offer.  In this article, I have summarised some of the most common components of a comprehensive overseas relocation package to enable you to negotiate the best deal […]


Typical Components Of An Expat Salary Package

By Craig / January 25, 2017

We’ve all heard stories of expats working overseas for a few years on massive salaries and then retiring a few years later in an exotic location.  Unfortunately, the reality is that it is not that common.  In this article, we explore the typical components of an expat salary package.


4 Financial Surprises For Australians Living Abroad

By Craig / September 21, 2016

Living abroad is an exciting time, but there are many financial surprises that have the potential to cost you thousands of dollars. If you are an Australian living abroad, or if you are planning on living abroad, then these are four financial surprises you must be aware of.


5 Articles You Should Read If You Are Moving Overseas From Australia

By Craig / August 13, 2016

If you are planning on moving overseas from Australia, or have recently moved overseas from Australia, then you should read these 5 articles now. Am I An Australian Resident For Tax Purposes? Why I Don’t Use My Bank For International Money Transfers The Medicare & Health Insurance Implications of Moving Overseas From Australia How Aussie Expats Can Make Money […]

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