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Factors impacting the Australian Dollar to Singapore Dollar Exchange Rate

By Craig / February 9, 2018

As of 2016, the Singapore Dollar (SGD) is the twelfth most traded currency in the world by value, and remains a popular choice of currency for Australians for both investment purposes and those looking to travel in South East Asia, given Singapore’s location as a travel hub in the region. We have created a short […]


Your International Currency Transfer Questions Answered

By Sponsor / February 1, 2018

For many people, an International currency transfer is a confusing process, with a range of acronyms and words that they aren’t familiar with, and with an uncertain outcome (with fluctuating exchange rates, unknown transfer times, and hidden fees and charges).  So, in this article, we try and address some of the more common international currency […]


Factors Affecting Movements in the Australian Dollar

By Craig / October 26, 2017

Although the Australian dollar remains one of the top 5 most-traded currencies and one of the three primary commodity currencies, it’s still vulnerable to market changes. In order to predict these changes and how they will affect your investments, we have created a short guide that will help you better understand the factors affecting movements […]


Bitcoin: An Introduction to the World’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency

By Australian Expat Investor Contributor / October 1, 2017

In 2009, a man known only to the world as Satoshi Nakamoto released a revolutionary piece of software on the internet. Initially, the technology was disregarded by the online community and it was only used for illegal dark net transactions. Today, this technology is so powerful that governments are creating regulations for it and its […]


What currencies can I save on when transferring money internationally?

By Craig / May 13, 2017

Transferring money internationally can be a big money spinner for banks with high fees and uncompetitive exchange rates.  Online foreign currency dealer, OFX, deals with over 55 currencies for transferring money internationally and will help you save hundreds of dollars when making international money transfers compared to using your bank.


What is the best option to convert Dirham to Australian dollars?

By Craig / August 21, 2016

UAE residents, are you wanting to get the best exchange rate when you convert dirham to Australian dollars?  In this article we review a number of options to identify how you can ensure you get the maximum amount of Australian dollars when you convert dirham to Australian dollars. In this study we identified that there was […]


What is the best option to convert british pounds to Australian dollars?

By Craig / August 19, 2016

Are you wanting to get the best exchange rate when you convert british pounds to Australian dollars?  In this article we review a number of options to identify how you can ensure you get the maximum amount of Australian dollars when transferring your British pounds back to Australia. In this study we identified that there was […]


Managing Foreign Currency Risk When Investing in Property

By Craig / June 8, 2016

Managing foreign currency risk is a key area of concern for expats when investing in property, whether in Australia or overseas.  Foreign currency fluctuations can have a significant impact on the returns from your investment and so it is important to carefully consider how you want to manage the risks of fluctuations between two currencies.


What does Brexit mean for the British pound vs Australian dollar?

By Craig / April 21, 2016

Whether you’ve seen it on the news, read it in the newspapers or witnessed its dramatic effects on OFX’s live Market Rates page, the European Union (EU) referendum has taken centre stage in recent months. As we get closer to 23rd June 2016, many worry about the volatility of the British Pound, wondering ‘how will […]


What are the best options for transferring money to Australia?

By Craig / March 8, 2016

I have written a number of articles in relation to transferring money to Australia.  In particular how you should use an online currency exchange service or online money transfer company, rather than using the bank – Why I don’t use my bank for international money transfers. In this article, I set about using actual quotes in […]


Peer to Peer Currency Exchange

By Craig / February 29, 2016

Peer to Peer Currency Exchange is disrupting the international money transfer industry. We have all now experienced (or at least read about) the peer to peer (P2P) disruption occurring in holiday accommodation (AirBNB), and ride sharing (Uber).  But what about in the finance world?  There is an emerging business model around peer to peer currency exchange that […]


Are Your Money Transfers Being Reported to the Australian Government?

By Craig / December 3, 2015

I have had many discussions with Australian Expats who worry that AUSTRAC will report their money transfers to Australia to the Australian government.  Many Australian expats also incorrectly believe that by only transferring amounts less than A$10,000 their transfers won’t get reported to the Australian government.  So what are the rules and should you be worried?


Are you taking advantage of the weak Aussie dollar?

By Craig / September 30, 2015

The current weakness in the Australian dollar presents a great opportunity for Australian Expats to transfer money back home or buy Australian assets.  This week, I discuss three financial opportunities the weak Australian dollar presents for Australian Expats.