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Surviving Your First European Winter

By Australian Expat Investor Contributor / February 12, 2017

The prospect of your first European winter should rightly be filling you with not only excitement but also a tingle of fear for what lies ahead in some of the world’s chilliest places. Coming from an environment of balmy days and cool, yet not unpleasant winters can be quite the shock for many Australians (even if […]


Survival Language: 5 ways to fit in a like a local

By Australian Expat Investor Contributor / February 12, 2017

Unless you’re moving to a country within the Anglosphere, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have to try and communicate in a foreign language. The odds are that you may have had an opportunity to learn a language at school, but does that mean you should only consider moving to a country where […]


Watch Australian TV Online Using a VPN

By Craig / January 19, 2016

Did you expect that you could continue to watch Australian TV online when you moved overseas, only to find that access to the content on the website was blocked to users outside Australia? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be the answer you are looking for, and also offers many other benefits for Australian Expats.


Protecting Against Identity Fraud While Living Abroad

By Craig / January 18, 2016

Expats, probably more than most people, need to take extra precautions to protect against identity fraud when living abroad. We all now are increasingly living our lives online, and posting all sorts of information and updates on social media (including facebook and linkedin), we managing bank accounts and money transfers online, do our share trading […]

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