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Things expats in Dubai should know for a happy and trouble free time

By Australian Expat Investor Contributor / August 12, 2017

Dubai is a great place to live. It’s easy, it’s convenient and you have a lot of freedom with how you choose to live. In fact, its such an easy place to live that you can easily forget that it is ruled in a completely different way to somewhere like Australia. 99% of the time, […]


Theresa May to make it more difficult for Aussies planning to move to the UK

By Craig / May 22, 2017

In launching the UK conservative party’s new election manifesto, British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced new policies that will make it more difficult for Australians to find work and move to the UK, and it will now cost Australians more to access the National Health Service.


Getting a Green Card to the USA

By Craig / May 18, 2017

Everyone knows that a green card is a ticket to life in the United States without the hassle of having to go through a visa renewal or re-application process every couple of years. That’s why green cards are so popular and notoriously difficult to secure. We’ll explain the diverse ways you can apply for a […]

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