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Factors impacting the Australian Dollar to Singapore Dollar Exchange Rate

By Craig / February 9, 2018

As of 2016, the Singapore Dollar (SGD) is the twelfth most traded currency in the world by value, and remains a popular choice of currency for Australians for both investment purposes and those looking to travel in South East Asia, given Singapore’s location as a travel hub in the region. We have created a short […]


Quick facts for Australians moving to New Zealand

By Craig / February 1, 2018

We all like to joke about all the kiwi’s crossing the Tasman to live in Australia, but there are increasing numbers of Australians moving to New Zealand.  We investigate some of the key things you should know if you planning on moving to New Zealand.


4 tips for buying property in Bali

By Sponsor / February 1, 2018

Australians are increasingly attracted to living in Bali or retiring in Bali due to its incredible lifestyle and low cost of living.  If you have decided to live or retire in Bali, or decide to invest overseas or invest in overseas property, then the next decision to make is whether or not you should be […]


Quick Facts For Australians Moving to Singapore

By Craig / January 12, 2018

Australians moving to Singapore has helped make Singapore the number one ranked destination for expats two years in a row, according to HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey and as we reviewed in our article Living in Singapore – Is it the best place for expats?. This tiny city-state is one of Asia’s “dragons”; an economic powerhouse […]


Quick Facts for Australians Moving to London

By Australian Expat Investor Contributor / January 6, 2018

CurrencyFair was determined to offer the best exchange rate when converting your British pounds to Australian dollars in our review. London is one of the most dynamic and fast-paced cities on the planet. But what it makes it such a unique place is that despite being a cultural, business and artistic hub, it is also […]


Expats in Colombia – Moving to Colombia after Pablo Escobar

By Craig / December 12, 2017

Colombia is a country with a pretty horrendous reputation. It is known worldwide as the world’s biggest producer of cocaine. It has been embroiled in a complicated and bloody civil conflict for more than fifty years. It is renowned for violent crime and corruption. And the recent TV series Narcos, which dramatises the story of […]


Transferring your UK Pension to Australia : What you need to know

By Craig / November 30, 2017

If you have lived and worked in the UK for a period of time, you will have built up savings in a UK Pension.  Due to the purpose of the UK pension (ie. to provide an income to people in retirement), there are numerous rules and restrictions when it comes to transferring your UK pension […]


How living in Hong Kong ranks as an expat destination

By Craig / November 22, 2017

Living in Hong Kong offers an enticing mix of Chinese and English culture, with people from all over the world attracted to living in Hong Kong over the decades.  The expat population is particularly drawn from the British commonwealth countries with Australians, Brits, Africans and Indians making up a large portion of the expats.