can Australian expats get life insurance while living overseas?

Can Australian expats get life insurance when living overseas?

We often get asked by Australians living overseas - Can Australian expats get life insurance?  Our research tells us it is still possible to obtain life insurance in Australia, but you may be subject to different application requirements than…
property insurance for home owners

Insurance Every Owner of Australian Property Needs to Consider

You have invested a lot of money in your Australian property, so its worth spending a little bit extra maintaining the appropriate insurances for your property.  Here are the insurances every Australian property owner should be considering. This…
travel insurance country of residence

Travel Insurance - Why your "country of residence" is important

As an expat we read about "country of residence" in many contexts.  Country of residence can mean where we physically live, it can mean the country of tax residence (where we need to declare our global income), and in the case of travel insurance…
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5 insurance policies you will need to review when moving overseas

You don't want to under-insure yourself but at the same time you don't want to over-insure yourself (and pay too much money in annual premiums).  When moving overseas, there are five insurance policies you will want to check, change, review…