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8 Benefits of investing in overseas property

When living abroad as an expat it can be tempting to invest some of your spare cash in a local property.  But is it the appropriate investment for you?  In this article we look at the benefits of investing in overseas property. There…
australian property market in 2017

Forecast for the Australian property market in 2017

There are a lot of mixed opinions regarding the forecast for the Australian property market in 2017. One thing we do know for certain is no one can look into their crystal ball and predict the future. What we do in this article is review the…
performance of the Australian property market 2016 review brisbane

Performance of the Australian Property Market - A 2016 Review

A review of the performance of the Australian property market in 2016.  Did it live up to the forecasts?  What were the relative performance of the different cities? How did other investment classes compare to the performance of the Australian…
buying property off the plan

Should You Be Buying Property Off the Plan in Australia?

Thinking of buying property off the plan to build your investment portfolio whilst living abroad? In this article, we discuss what you need to know before jumping in the deep end and why we don’t recommend it. Sponsored post by Michael…
Australian tax implications of renting out your primary residence
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Australian tax implications when renting out your primary residence

The tax implications when renting out your primary residence are generally good for Australians moving overseas.  Find out how renting out your primary residence when moving abroad impacts you. 1. Capital Gains Tax Most people are aware that…
buying property whilst living abroad

Tips For Buying Property Whilst Living Abroad

Buying property whilst living abroad is usually high on peoples agenda. However, some find the thought of this challenging and logistically impossible as there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Guest post…
residential property investing in Australia

Two Former Property Investing Aussie Expats Share Their Expertise

Former Aussie expats and successful property investors, Richie Ragel and Michael Cleary, have bought, renovated, and sold countless properties over the last decade and have a genuine love for real estate.  After having lived abroad in North…
benefits of a buyers agent

Benefits of Using a Buyers Agent When Buying Property

Are you earning good money overseas and want to invest in Australian property, but keep putting the decision off? Is it because you : don't have enough time to research the market; are worried that you may pay too much money for the…
steps to buying a home in Australia while living abroad

6 Steps to Buying a Home in Australia While Living Abroad

As we have reviewed in our Australian property market update, while some property markets in Australia seem to be reaching their peaks, other markets are just getting started.  Buying a home in Australia while living abroad has many benefits,…
renting out your property
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5 Things to Do Before Renting Out Your Property in Australia

Before renting out your property in Australia (whether you are moving out of the family home or you have bought an investment property), there are a number of things you should do to ensure you maximise your rental returns. 1. Attend to…
rental property depreciation
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Rental Property Depreciation - Are You Maximising Your Tax Deductions?

Are you maximising your tax deductions in Australia by claiming rental property depreciation on your investment properties?  Thousands of Australians are missing out on legitimate tax deductions because they are unaware of their entitlement…
aussie expat in dubai

Aussie Expat in Dubai Caught By New Australian Bank Lending Rules to Non Residents

Meet Nadia Diehl. An Aussie Expat in Dubai. Learn about how a sudden change by Australian banks in lending rules to non-residents of Australia caught Nadia by surprise when financing her house and land package in Australia. Tell Us About…

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