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9 reasons why you will want to buy a home in Australia before moving back

buy a home in Australia

After living in Europe for over four years, we recently returned to live in Australia.  As our old home was never going to accommodate our enlarged family, our intention was always to rent initially whilst looking for a home to purchase.  It didn’t take long for us to realise we should have sought to buy […]

finance property in Australia

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main residence CGT tax exemption australian expats
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Capital Gains Tax on Main Residence For Australian Expats - Aussie Expats to Be Hit!

We reported in May, that as a result of the 2017 Australian federal budget, there would be some pending changes to capital gains tax on the main residence for foreign residents and Australian expats (Australians living abroad). At the time,…
australian housing market second quarter 2017 performance

Performance of Australian Housing Market - Second Quarter 2017

What did the first half of 2017 mean for the performance of Australian housing market?  Property expert, Michael Cleary provides a summary. Sponsored post by Michael Cleary of Milk Chocolate Property Concierge.  See their special offer…
factors affecting australian property prices

Factors Affecting Australian Property Prices

The factors affecting Australian property prices can generally be boiled down to factors impacting the demand for Australian property and factors impacting the supply of Australian property.  In this article we look at these factors. This…
property insurance for home owners

Insurance Every Owner of Australian Property Needs to Consider

You have invested a lot of money in your Australian property, so its worth spending a little bit extra maintaining the appropriate insurances for your property.  Here are the insurances every Australian property owner should be considering. This…
investing in property australian expats mistakes

5 Common Mistakes People Make Investing In Property

Investing in property is one of the biggest financial commitments anyone can make, yet we see people make the same costly mistakes over and over again.  If you are investing in property or considering investing in property make sure you don't…
tax implications 2017 budget Australian property investors

2017 Federal Budget Implications for Australian Property Investors

A couple of weeks ago, the Australian federal government handed down its 2017 budget, and there were a number of implications for Australian property investors and Australian expats.  In this article, we review the budget implications for Australian…
overseas loan repayments

How to automate your overseas loan repayments

If you need to make overseas loan repayments , then there are options that allow you to automate the international money transfers, get good exchange rates and low fees, and potentially lock in the exchange rate for a fixed period. Many Australians…
Australian property market review march quarter 2017

Australian property market review - First Quarter 2017

The Christmas decorations are well and truly back in that hard to reach spot and we are all regretting the excessive amounts of chocolate eaten over Easter. So now is a good time for our Australian property market review (first quarter 2017)…
buy your first house

9 ways to make it easier to buy your first house

There is constant debate about housing affordability in Australia and how to make buying your first property easier.  If you are wanting to buy your first house, but are not sure how you can possibly do that, here are some ideas. 1. Access…
buying an investment property jointly with friends

Buying an investment property jointly with a friend

Financing a property as an Australian expat is getting harder by the month it seems.  Buying an investment property jointly with a friend may make getting on the property ladder easier, but should you do it? Benefits of buying an investment…
overseas investment property

What are the Australian tax implications for your overseas investment property?

With the Australian property market seemingly reaching new highs every week it is no wonder that more Australians acquire an overseas investment property.  In this article we explore the Australian tax implications if you have acquired an…
risks of buying overseas property

Risks in buying overseas property

Whilst there are many benefits of investing in overseas property, before rushing in and signing a contract, step back and consider the risks.  Here, we endeavour to articulate some of the key risks you should consider before buying overseas…

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