australian expats building wealth investing strategies building wealth while liiving abroad
australian expats building wealth investing strategies building wealth while liiving abroad

Building Wealth While Living Abroad

Building wealth for Australian Expats. Investing strategies, buying and financing property, investing in the sharemarket, and other wealth hints and tips.

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Latest Property Investing Articles

finance property in Australia

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australian housing market second quarter 2017 performance

Performance of Australian Housing Market - Second Quarter 2017

What did the first half of 2017 mean for the performance of Australian housing market?  Property expert, Michael Cleary provides a summary. Sponsored post by Michael Cleary of Milk Chocolate Property Concierge.  See their special offer…
factors affecting australian property prices

Factors Affecting Australian Property Prices

The factors affecting Australian property prices can generally be boiled down to factors impacting the demand for Australian property and factors impacting the supply of Australian property.  In this article we look at these factors. This…
property insurance for home owners

Insurance Every Owner of Australian Property Needs to Consider

You have invested a lot of money in your Australian property, so its worth spending a little bit extra maintaining the appropriate insurances for your property.  Here are the insurances every Australian property owner should be considering. This…

Latest Share Investing Articles

boost performance of your super fund
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How The Performance Of Your Super Fund Can Be Boosted

Not many of us pay much attention to our superannuation, but did you know just improving the performance of your super fund by 1.0% per annum could increase your superannuation balance by more than 20% over twenty years? And there are some…

Why Australian Expats Should Consider Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)

When Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) first started being marketed a number of years ago I was initially apprehensive about investing in them, as one of the main investing rules I live by is to only invest in something I understand.  But after…
index funds for aussie expats

The truth about managed funds and index funds

Many friends and clients tell me they want to start investing in the sharemarket, but have no idea where to start.  BHP shares are looking cheap, shall I start by buying some of them?  My financial adviser recommended I put some money in an…

Latest Superannuation Articles

investment strategies for Australian expats to save for retirement

5 investment strategies for Australian expats to save for retirement

Without the safety net of compulsory superannuation contributions by their employer, many Aussie expats struggle with determining what is the best way to save for retirement while living overseas.  Here are five ideas for Australian expats…
superannuation bilateral agreements

Superannuation Bilateral Agreements

If there is a superannuation bilateral agreement between Australia and the country you are working in, it may be possible for your employer to make compulsory superannuation guarantee contributions into your Australian superannuation fund while…
superannuation while living overseas

What happens to my Australian superannuation when moving overseas?

The rules around superannuation are confusing enough when you are living in Australia, let alone trying to understand what happens to your superannuation when moving overseas.  In this article, we try to explain some of the common questions. What…

Latest Personal Finance & Wealth Tips

life insurance moving overseas

5 insurance policies you will need to review when moving overseas

You don't want to under-insure yourself but at the same time you don't want to over-insure yourself (and pay too much money in annual premiums).  When moving overseas, there are five insurance policies you will want to check, change, review…
australians living overseas

5 Financial Myths Australians Living Overseas Believe

In this article we dispel some of the common financial myths that many Australians living overseas believe. 5 Financial Myths That Many Australians Living Overseas Believe Myth 1: Australians living overseas don't need to file a tax return…
2017 Australian federal budget - implications for Australian expats

2017 Australian Federal Budget - Implications For Aussie Expats

The 2017 Australian Federal Budget has been released, so we've scanned the documents and summarised some of the key implications for Australian expats.  In short, there are a number of negatives for Australians living abroad. Investment…