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Travelling internationally with your pet – Frequently asked questions

Travelling internationally with your pet?  We get a few handy hints to help you get prepared from one of Jetpets resident vets – Katherine.

Performance of Australian Housing Market – Second Quarter 2017

What did the first half of 2017 mean for the performance of Australian housing market?  Property expert, Michael Cleary provides a summary.

Factors Affecting Australian Property Prices

The factors affecting Australian property prices can generally be boiled down to factors impacting the demand for Australian property and factors impacting the supply of Australian property.  In this article we look at these factors.


Insurance Every Owner of Australian Property Needs to Consider

You have invested a lot of money in your Australian property, so its worth spending a little bit extra maintaining the appropriate insurances for your property.  Here are the insurances every Australian property owner should be considering.

Australian property market review – First Quarter 2017

The Christmas decorations are well and truly back in that hard to reach spot and we are all regretting the excessive amounts of chocolate eaten over Easter. So now is a good time for our Australian property market review (first quarter 2017) and see how the first quarter of the year has shaped up for […]

5 tips to ensure a smooth relocation

Finding your feet in any new setting isn’t something that happens overnight. But you can certainly help to create a smooth relocation process by planning ahead.


The benefits of appointing an enduring power of attorney before moving overseas

An enduring power of attorney can be a very useful document for Australian expats to put in place either before they leave Australia or while overseas.  An enduring power of attorney is not only designed to enable someone else to manage your personal affairs when you become incapable of doing so, it is also useful […]

Forecast for the Australian property market in 2017

There are a lot of mixed opinions regarding the forecast for the Australian property market in 2017. One thing we do know for certain is no one can look into their crystal ball and predict the future. What we do in this article is review the economists’ forecasts and give you our thoughts.


Is your Australian will valid when moving overseas?

Moving overseas is an important time to consider putting in place a will or updating your existing Australian will.  But, is your Australian will valid when moving overseas?  Here is some useful information for Australian expats.


5 reasons why expats choose IPMI

You’ll miss it when it’s gone. We might take it for granted – but it’s worth remembering that the Australian healthcare system is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best. If life abroad is on the cards, the “little differences” you can take in your stride; but top quality healthcare is something you should […]