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These articles have been written by an Australian Expat Investor Contributor. Please see their details in the relevant post. The views expressed in the article are his or her own and may not reflect the views of The Australian Expat Investor. If you are interested in contributing an article or story to The Australian Expat Investor please visit our contact page.


Questions to ask when choosing your international removalist

By Australian Expat Investor Contributor / November 15, 2017

Moving house is always a big deal, but moving abroad presents a whole new level of things to do and think about. Not only do your precious belongings have to arrive safely, but they also need to go through the customs process and a whole lot of paperwork that may not be in English. It’s […]


Celebrating Christmas Around the World

By Australian Expat Investor Contributor / November 14, 2017

Christmas is a magical time of year for millions of people across the world. Different cultures celebrate the holiday season in their own ways, and Australian expats may see some unusual traditions, depending on where they happen to live. We’ve investigated the holiday festivities that take place in just a few top expat destinations, to […]


Second passport for Australians – great unless you are a Member of Parliament.

By Australian Expat Investor Contributor / November 1, 2017

Second passport for Australians, great unless you are a Member of Parliament. This is a guest post from Alison Johnson – wherecani.live With seven of our elected representatives fronting the High Court this week to find out if having dual citizenships will ruin their careers it seems an odd time to be singing the praise […]


Reasons why Australians should retire overseas

By Australian Expat Investor Contributor / October 30, 2017

If you’re approaching retirement you’re probably getting ready for a major lifestyle shift. Perhaps you already have a clear plan, or maybe you’re considering a few different ways you could spend this new phase of your life. One option which is not yet so popular in Australia, but quite common in the US and Europe, […]


Bitcoin Trading – A Guide For Seasoned Investors

By Australian Expat Investor Contributor / October 12, 2017

If you read the article “Bitcoin: An Introductory Article to the World’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency”, you now have a basic idea of what cryptocurrency is, how it works, and what you are able to do with it.  The next question that I am often asked by those who have recently discovered cryptocurrency is this: Is […]

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