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In early 2013, my wife, children and I packed up our lives in Perth, Australia, and boarded a flight to Amsterdam. This was Day 1 of our expat posting to The Netherlands, where we would setup our lives in the leafy suburbs of The Hague. As an Australian Expat living in Europe, and an International Investor, I am the founder of ‘The Australian Expat Investor’ – a company dedicated to empowering Australians living overseas with the knowledge and the tools to develop clear and effective investment strategies to maximize their wealth during their time abroad.

Shortly after graduating from university with a degree in Chemical Engineering, I realised that my interests lay not in pipes and pumps, but in the world of finance and commerce.  I soon commenced post graduate business management studies and moved into a role providing financial and economic analysis on investment decisions worth billions of dollars. During my 20 year career, I worked closely with senior management in a number of international companies, and was responsible for investment evaluation, tax optimisation, corporate structuring, and commercial strategy across a variety of opportunities around the globe. In parallel with my corporate career I built my personal investment portfolio. At age 25, I bought my first investment property. Now, I manage a multi-million dollar personal share and property portfolio.

I truly believe that managing your personal finances is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. I do not believe in the traditional model of allowing a financial adviser to invest my money for a percentage fee, with no guarantee of superior returns (or any return for that matter). The long list of financial planning scandals in Australia reinforces to me the importance of being financially educated, and understanding how and what to invest in to meet my personal goals.

It was in mid 2012, that my wife and I decided to move to The Netherlands. Before making the decision to leave Australia I never fully appreciated the impact that decision could have on my financial future. The complexity and lack of clarity of the tax implications created huge apprehensions for me, and I began to worry our European adventure would jeopardise my family’s long term financial goals.

• Would I pay tax in Australia on my overseas income?
• Would I lose the tax benefits of my investments in Australian property and shares?
• Would I pay capital gains tax on my Australian investments, even if I didn’t sell them?
• Would I be better off selling all my investments before leaving home?
• Would I need to close my Self Managed Superannuation Fund?
• What is the best way to invest my savings while living abroad?

So after spending a significant amount of time researching all the tax implications of moving overseas, fine tuning my investment strategy, and understanding the risks of not being properly supported and informed, I was inspired to establish The Australian Expat Investor.  On this website, I endeavour to share knowledge, tools, and my experience regarding the taxation and other financial implications of moving abroad from Australia such that other Australian expats can build their wealth while living abroad also.

If you would like to understand many of the financial surprises I discovered for Australian Expats, please download my free ebook.

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Just because you are living overseas does not mean you need to put your investment and wealth creation goals on hold.
Craig Joslin
The Australian Expat Investor

One of my favourite cities in Europe – Amsterdam. Just up the road from where The Australian Expat Investor is based in The Hague.

Australian Expats in Netherlands