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5 reasons why expats choose IPMI

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You’ll miss it when it’s gone. We might take it for granted – but it’s worth remembering that the Australian healthcare system is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best. If life abroad is on the cards, the “little differences” you can take in your stride; but top quality healthcare is something you should never leave behind.

ipmi international private medical insurance
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5 reasons why expats choose IPMI

For accessing the right treatment in a hassle-free way, along with that all-important peace of mind, international private medical insurance (IPMI) fits the bill perfectly. Here are five very good reasons why it’s the go-to choice for Aussie expats.

1. Bridge the gaps in local treatment provision

No matter how much homework you do, it’s hard to get a true picture of what life in a foreign country is really like until you’re actually there. And while an element of surprise is all part of the expat adventure, there are some areas where you really don’t want to leave anything to chance. Top of that list is healthcare.

Even if you are headed for a country with a strong reputation for public healthcare provision, treatment levels can be hit and miss. The reality on the ground can sometimes involve wide local and regional variations when it comes to wait times and outpatient care. Just how easy is it to get a GP appointment? Is specialist care going to be there when you need it? What’s the position on essential follow-up care such as physiotherapy? The treatment might be available in theory, but this doesn’t always mean that accessing it is either ‘easy’ or convenient.

IPMI is ideal for filling in the gaps that can exist on a local level: the right cover opens up a wider choice of treatment options, giving you the care you need – precisely when you need it.

2. Navigate an unfamiliar healthcare system – the easy way

No healthcare system is perfect – especially when it comes to bureaucracy. In some countries, (France, for instance), you pay upfront for treatment and are later reimbursed for a chunk – but by no means all – of those costs.

Tariff systems are also common -i.e. official fee rates for treatments and consultations. Opt for a specialist whose fees are higher than those official rates, and you could find yourself facing a significant costs shortfall.

IPMI can make dealing with all of this a lot easier. Cover from a specialist IPMI provider such as Cigna Global means that your treatment provider can be reimbursed directly by the insurer. You have the reassurance that the “upfront payment” and the “personal contribution” elements of your new healthcare system are all taken care of.

international private medical insurance cigna ipmi

3. Prevention is better than cure

Getting the most out of your expat adventure involves doing what you can to stay fighting fit. On a practical level, this means having access to routine medical examinations – and depending on your age and profile, it could mean more specialist services, from cancer screening through to tailored dietary advice.

Not all local healthcare systems make it easy to access this – so the International Health and Wellbeing Plan from Cigna Global is designed to give you the support you need. A range of cover levels are available, although each plan includes information, resources, support and counselling on any health, personal and family issue that matters to you. It’s precisely the help you need, delivered in a way that you can understand – no matter where you are.

4. Making you feel closer to home

Day to day, Skype and Facebook can go a long way in bridging geographical distances. But what happens if you find yourself needing the ones you love physically close by? With this in mind, the International Medical Evacuation component of IPMI can provide essential reassurance for expats.

Crucially, Cigna’s plan includes repatriation coverage, enabling the policyholder to return to their country of nationality to be treated at home. It also covers the type of situation where expats find themselves in need of family support – without necessarily having to fly back to Australia to get it. Compassionate visits for a parent, spouse, sibling or child to visit a beneficiary after a sudden illness or accident are also included. This level of protection can prove invaluable in ensuring that a sudden medical emergency doesn’t put an end to your plans for a new life abroad.

ipmi cigna international private medical insurance

5. Protection tailored to your needs

Workers on secondment, trailing spouses, retirees, students: there really is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Australian expat – but all can benefit from IPMI. A great policy shouldn’t leave you paying for cover that isn’t really relevant, but neither should it leave you exposed.

One of the best things about cover from Cigna Global is its ability to fill in the gaps in existing coverage. For instance, you might already have company health care coverage – but will it reflect the needs of your family? For retirees especially, are the type of pre-existing conditions that affect so many of us actually covered in your existing policy?

With three distinct levels of cover – together with flexible top-up options, Cigna Global makes it possible for Australian nationals to put together the type of protection that meets their specific needs. For more details, or to get a quote, visit www.cignaglobal.com.

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