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Spencer Smith

“My advice to any professional looking at working overseas is get access to Craig’s knowledge and material as it may save you literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.”

Spencer SmithCEO - RV Solar Supplies
Edith Lagendijk

“The Australian Expat Investor is a fantastic resource for any current Australian Expat or Australian considering moving abroad.  Be sure to download Craig’s free e-book which includes invaluable information for everyone.”

Edith LagendijkEngineer, Shell - The Netherlands

About The Australian Expat Investor

Craig Joslin

In mid 2012 my wife and I decided we wanted to move to The Netherlands.  At that time we never fully appreciated the impact that decision could have on our financial future. The complexity and lack of clarity of the tax implications created huge apprehensions for us, and we began to worry our European adventure would jeopardise our family’s long term financial goals.

So after spending a significant amount of time researching all the tax implications of moving overseas, fine tuning my investment strategy, and understanding the risks of not being properly supported and informed, I was inspired to establish The Australian Expat Investor.  The Australian Expat Investor is a company dedicated to empowering Australians living overseas with the knowledge and the tools to build their wealth while living abroad.

It is important, when moving abroad, that no matter how busy you are you don’t take your eye off your financial well-being and future investment needs.  An expat assignment has significant tax and financial implications.  Your overseas assignment may bring you more income than working back in Australia, so you don’t want to lose that advantage by paying too much in tax or not investing your savings effectively, simply because you are not fully informed.

I truly believe that managing your personal finances is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family, so I would encourage you to download my FREE EBook – Financial Survival Tips For Australian Expats which discusses 9 painful financial surprises that could cost you thousands of dollars and what to do about it.

Craig JoslinFounderThe Australian Expat Investor

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